About Us

COMINSUD is a development organization created in 1996 that works to empower communities towards achieving their development objectives,   with a vision of a responsive society where the practices of good governance and human rights are upheld for sustainable human and environmental development.  For over 25 years, it has built expertise in the areas of:

Some areas of COMINSUD Work

 Since 2003, COMINSUD with the support of Bread for the World Germany has been working on “Project Democracy and Empowerment of Women (DEW)”. The different phases of the project have addressed issues of increased representation and participation of women, youth, and persons from minority groups in power structures and decision-making positions in community-based structures, tradition, and religious organs as well as Municipal and legislative elected organs.   This project has brought positive changes in institutional and cultural practices that disfavor the vulnerable segments. It promotes positive changes that bridge gender gaps, build social inclusion and cohesion in communities, and carry out human rights monitoring and interventions.  Over the past 17 years, over 25,000 women and girls have had different forms of transformation in their lives, and over 150,000 members of the communities have been directly involved in activities carried out by the project.

Still, with the support of Bread for the World, COMINSUD is involved in the Civil Peace Service project, in which it builds engagements amongst socially excluded groups especially young and middle-aged persons in particular to promote the values of positivity, tolerance, inclusion, and non-violence for a just, peaceful society. It is hoped that through this, people will enjoy their rights and freedom and make a valuable contribution to the development of their communities.  We have served as agents of change since 2015 reaching over 5,000 persons. 

In the context of humanitarian assistance due to the armed conflicts in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, COMINSUD is amongst the frontline actors involved in Food,  WASH, non-Food Items (NFI), and Psychosocial support.   Since June 2018, with the support of UNFPA, COMINSUD is involved in implementing the project on Lifesaving Interventions on Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Reproductive Health for IDPs and Refugees.  This program has provided relief to over 50,000 displaced and affected populations especially women and girls including those living with disabilities with direct case management, medical, food, shelter, and other lifesaving support to over 5,000 women.

The degrading armed conflict in the Region has eroded a decade of development work and has plunged tens of thousands of persons into untold suffering.  COMINSUD is committed to engaging in fruitful partnerships and collaborations that contribute to alleviating hardship, suffering, priding on lifesaving interventions, and hope for a peaceful and just society.  

What People Say


Ndum Solange a beneficiary with a household of seven people appreciates and sends her gratitude to WFP for the assistance. Life in her household was very difficult because feeding was a problem. Since she started receiving food, life has changed for her and family. There is improvement in their health. She shares the food received from WFP with her neighbors who are not yet on the beneficiaries list. This gesture has increased unity and has strengthened the community

Mme Ndum Solange

“I have been in Bamenda for 3 years from KUMBO. No NGO has ever given me food or money. I am receiving 25,000frs every month to support my familly thanks to COMINSUD and WFP.”

Mr. Ayim

A beneficiary from Mbengwi, Angwi Melvis Nyamusa who receives food and cash assistance is a very happy woman and expresses her gratitude to WFP because her life and that of her family has experienced growth since the beginning of the program. When she receives food and cash, she sits with her husband, they plan and both make decisions on what to do with the assistance for the month. This gesture has united and strengthened her family. She now runs a poultry business because they had decided as a family to start the business which she did at first but failed due to the crisis.

Mme Angwi Melvis N.

Let’s serve humanity together!