UNFPA-United Nations Population Fund

A Collaboration between UNFPA and COMINSUD began in early 2018, when COMINSUD was associated in a needs assessment team that carried out GBV need assessment in the North West between February and March. This was followed by an enlarged workshop in March 2018 for all actors involved in GBV in the Region sponsored by UNFP and organized by the Delegation of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Public Health and Medecin du Monde.  Since, over 8 training sessions and other assignments have been rolled out to over 250 persons of different stakeholder groups (Psychosocial Workers, Community Health Workers, Community Relay Agents and Media Practitioners) to addressing Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian setting. Besides trainings, mapping of public, confessional, private and CSO structure that deal with Gender Base violence across the North West Region has been done.
Project Title: ECHO Project The ECHO project sponsored by the European Union and Coordinated by UNFPA is currently being implemented in 10 localities. Eight (8) of the project locations are in the North West Region (Nop, Mbengwi, Babassir, Oku, Bamenda I, Bamenda II, Bamenda III, and Wum) and 2 of the project locations are in the West Region of Cameroon (Bafoussam and Bangante). Objective: Provision of Integrated Lifesaving Gender Based Violence Services Including COVID 19 Prevention and Protection to Vulnerable IDPs and Host Communities in the North West, South West, West and Littoral Regions of in Cameroon   Results Achieved: So far, this project has reached out to over 3500 persons (IDPs and vulnerable members of host communities) have received an appropriate response to GBV;Over 900 women and girls have received dignity kits with COVID 19 items at IDPs sites3 Women and Girls Safe spaces have been setup under this project216 psychological first aid (PFA) outreach activities have been organised organized. Over 19000 persons have been reached by the implementation of specific GBV prevention measures4237 persons have received information on referral pathway, prevention of GBV and COVID 19The provision of Psychological First Aid (PFA), Psychological Support, Case Management and sensitisation activities are intensifying in the 10 project localities.  

Other projects currently being implemented by COMINSUD with support from UNFPA include:
The CERF projects

The UN Secretary General’s Peacebuilding Fund Project

The Youth Leadership and Participation Project
Between September – December 2018, UNFPA supported COMINSUD to implement the Project titled “Provision of Psychological First Aid to IDPs in North West Region” with the following deliveries amongst others;
-Provide Quality Psychological Care and Life Saving Reproductive Health Services to IDPs Particularly Women and Girls, in Targeted Sites in North West reaching out to over 5,788 persons;
-Provide counselling and case management to over 500 persons exposed to distress and trauma;
-Production of  200 community guide on Psychosocial First Aid,  500 posters and 2000 flyers  on GBV prevention and Clinical Management of Rape
-Distribution of 1.500kits dignity kits and 1.500 mama kits

Provision of Life-Saving Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Related Interventions for IDPs and Host Communities in North West Region

The project “Provision of Life-Saving Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Related Interventions for IDPs and Host Communities in North West Region implemented by COMINSUD ran for from 3 months covering the period 4 April
– 3 July 2019. It had three main outputs: Establishing and running an integrated safe space for psycho social support, case management, social cohesion and life skills/peace building to affected women, girls and adolescents in Bamenda
– North West Mobilising 30 community workers to reach 8000 communities’ members on Gender based Violence prevention, Sexual and reproductive Health, Psychological first aid, PSEA, and referral pathways
-Distribution of 1500 dignity kits to most vulnerable women and girls

This report gives an over view of the realizations as project activated were carried out in 05 of the 7 divisions of the Region, with community mobilizes in 11 of the 34 councils and action reaching over 300 small communities including bushes hosting displaced persons. The divsionas and councils where the project was carried out are: Mezam (Bafut, Bali, Tubah, Bamenda I, II & III), Momo (Mbengwi, Batibo, Widikum), Boyo (Belo), Ngoketunjia (Ndop, Babessi) and Bui (Kumbo). The project was renewed and rand from June 2019 – December 2019