In 1990, the government of Cameroon passed a law on freedom of associations. This openness was a timely decision at a period when the economic situation in Cameroon was witnessing a major recession and the government could not single-handedly respond to all development exigencies. The law let to an outburst of creative imagination and the opportunity for young people to manifest their freedom, liberties and to showcase their talents.

It is within this period that The Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) was created. It started as a Common Initiative Group (CIG) in 1996 and became an association in 1999.

COMINSUD with eleven years of experience stands to mirror the footprints it has left in the lives of the community through which it has passed and reflects the impressions of its national and international partnership and commitment to human service. Founded by five graduates with little to survive on but with a determination to offer more to the community than they have, COMINSUD has come a long way. Like a mustard seed, it has risen from the waste dumps of the then Bamenda Urban Council along the Mezam river to create an impact on the lives of individual groups, organizations and communities in the North West Region with its positive gains spreading to other regions of the country.

Along these years, COMINhttp://www.cominsud.orgSUD has built a broad collaboration and partnership which reflects its visibility today which it is proud to share.

Evaluating the impact of the law of association through COMINSUD provides and excellent opportunity for the lawmakers to build confidence in the civil society as a credible and trusted partner in development.