Future Projects

COMINSUD has planned for and envisages a year ahead 2021, full of impacts and life changing projects to be carried out across the 7 Divisions of the North West Region. One reasons why we plan to extend to the West Region of Cameroon is to broaden our scope of work in strengthening national capacity to deliver comprehensive sexual education, in school and out of school, as well as life skills targeting young girls and also to strengthen national capacities to provide high-quality integrated services for maternal, neonatal and adolescent health, family planning, and management of gender-based violence, especially for most vulnerable persons, including in humanitarian settings. This will be realised in Partner with UNFPA.

COMINSUD shall be fully engaged in providing Multi-Sectorial Support Services to Women and Girls at Risk of GBV or GBV Survivors in Crisis Affected Areas of the North West Region of Cameroon, in enhancing food and nutrition security for crisis affected populations with Agricultural, livestock and fishery support in the NWR, and also in providing Emergency Relief Assistance to Children Affected by the Conflict in the NWR. Furthermore, we shall continue working in the Child Protection Cluster (CP AoR) by by providing Emergency Relief Assistance to Children Affected by the Conflict in the NWR. In 2021, we aim to continue working actively in providing lifesaving nutrition intervention for children, pregnant and lactating women affected by the conflict in NWR, in providing Emergency WASH assistance to conflict affected communities in the North West Region (SOS-WASH, and also to be actively involved in Education sector Conflict Affected North West Region of Cameroon,

We look forward to working with existing partners and new partners to create lasting impacts and positive changes in our communities.

To partner with COMINSUD,