Feedback & Testimonies

Ndum Solange, a WFP food assistance beneficiary shows gratitude.

Ndum Solange a beneficiary with a household of seven people appreciates and sends her gratitude to WFP and partner COMINSUD for the assistance. Life in her household was very difficult because feeding was a problem. Since she started receiving food, life has changed for her and family. There is improvement in their health. She sells banana and uses the money to cater for other family needs and not worry about food. She also shares with her neighbors who are not beneficiaries. This gesture has brought unity and has strengthen the community.  

Angwi Melvis Nyamusa has started a poultry farm from her WFP cash assistance

A beneficiary from Mbengwi, Angwi Melvis Nyamusa who receives food and cash assistance is a very happy woman and expresses her gratitude to WFP because her life and that of her family has experienced growth since the beginning of the program. When she receives food and cash, she sits with her husband, they plan and both make decisions on what to do with the assistance for the month. This gesture has united and strengthened her family. She now runs a poultry business because they had decided as a family to start the business which she did at first but failed due to the crisis.

Atanga Shindoh Philomina, has been able to resume her pgysiotherapy because4 of the WFP COVID-CASH assistance

Atanga Shindoh Philomina, a beneficiary from Bamenda I sends her appreciation as she narrates” The money has helped in paying my hospital bills and to buy her medications. I was able to continue with physiotherapy sessions from stroke which I had suspended due to lack of finances. It has relieved a burden on me since I was overwhelmed with the financial demands from hospital bills.”