Women’s Day used to demand More Women in Councils

“More women in my Council” was COMINSUD’s key message for this year’s international women’s day celebrations across the North West Region. Everyone who wants to see more women in their council is encouraged to wear a yellow ribbon until they have enough women in their Council. This campaign is linked to the work COMINSUD has been doing for more than a year to mobilize Women, Youth and Minority Potential Candidates across the Region.

To let their voices be heard in society, women in the region joined their counterparts worldwide in various celebrations of the international women’s day on 8th March. This day is dedicated to celebrate economic, political and social achievements of women and to create more awareness of future challenges, while appreciating progress made in the struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.

COMINSUD animators and promoters used the day to call for “More Women in Councils” by distributing yellow ribbons, badges, leaflets and placards to various groups in 25 sub-divisions of throughout the Region.

According to Sarah Koye of Ndu Sub Division
“Women were excited and badges got short we ran out of ribbons and men also joined the march pass and put on badges. The only female Parliamentarian from the North West Region Esther Ngala should be encouraged by bringing in more women, I will love to be one”
In Bamenda, men and women reached out for yellow ribbons and placards carrying messages of encouragement for women standing for elected decision making positions as their own way of supporting women into leadership positions.

This campaign painted the whole event yellow making more news for the day. Different groups who marched under this idea with their yellow ribbons and posters felt happy to create impact on decision makers and motivate women who are standing for Council elections.

The Divisional Officer in Babessi presented a speech in which he encouraged women to support other women standing for decision making positions. Mrs Ngen Florence Chinya, COMINSUD’s promoter in Babessi, noted that almost everyone present was wearing a yellow ribbon and that many people were talking about the campaign.

In the North West Region there are currently 177 women councilors out of 1,088 Councilors, let there be 330 or more women Councilors after the 2012 municipal elections. The situation in Parliament is even worse with only 1 woman Parliamentarian out of 20 for the region, let there be 5 or more women Parliamentarians after the 2012 legislative elections.