The Need for Intergenerational Dialogue

Neban Celesting, Resource Person

COMINSUD through Mr Neba Célestine impacted youths and the elderly ( fons, queens, pastors and imams representative and another clergy) With knowledge on the need for intergenerational Dialogue. During the workshop there was the need to identify the perception, interest and need of young and old people; the results of this exercise clear proved that there is an existing conflict between the youths and the old, what divided them is more than what unites them. Youths see the old to be old fashioned, obsessed with power, vulnerable and weak. While the elderly view the youths as suspicious, manipulative, violent and disrespectful.

However there were some positive perceptions the youths and the elderly have; while the youths see the olds as an Archive of knowledge, the old on the other hand see the youth as the future of tomorrow.

Strategies on how to enhance one to one advocacy ( proximity advocacy) were presented by the facilitator as well as strategies to prevent tension by the old and young

Written by: Tarzenyuy Cynthia

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