State authorities, senators, quarter heads, the media and Over 40 Civil society members amplified their voices today Wednesday, Oct 27 2021 at Hilltop hotel on land tenure issues.

This meeting main objective was to present the survey and recommendation assembled by NWADO and her consultant to the participants.

Some discoveries in the research include the High percentage of more men owning land than women .and only 7 youths who obtained land through inheritance.

In the survey, it was also discovered that when it comes to acquiring land certificates there is no gender Bayas as it has always been believed. Everyone is treated equally.

Moreover to acquire land in Bamenda most people spend an average of 60,0000 to 700,000 thousand.

The meeting was indeed full of exchanges from the various stakeholders present .most of the preoccupation came from the question on the cost of a land certificate in the Northwest Region and the right procedure that landowners have to follow to acquire land. However, the Delegate present said their doors are open to everyone who needs to know the right procedure; he also advised everyone to avoid middlemen when trying to acquire land.

As the saying goes Rome was not built on a single day, much has to be done as far as land issues are concerned.

Let this meeting be one of the stepping stones for a change.


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