Within the framework of the project o“Strengthening Access to WASH Facilities and Services in Child Friendly Spaces and surrounding Communities”, COMINSUD with the support of UNICEF has trained and deployed 6 Community Mobilizers in the North West and West Region.

Training in session with facilitator Munda Terence.

The project to run for four months is expected to sensitize 4,260 persons (IDPs and host community) on good hygiene and sanitation practices, including lifesaving messages on COVID-19 and cholera prevention.  To this effect, Community Mobilizers will ensure that 1,200 children at Child Friendly Spaces and surrounding Communities have access to adequate sanitation facilities thanks to the construction of 6 latrines each with 4 cabinets, distribution of menstrual hygiene kits to 60 adolescent girls and 600 WASH kits to households, 3000 persons(IDPs and host community) are sensitized on good hygiene and sanitation practices including lifesaving messages on COVID-19 by December 2022. The Community Mobilizers will as well identify child protection needs and ensure proper intervention and referrals to appropriate service points. 

Community Mobilizers and Facilitator Munda Terence pose for a group picture after session.

This training took place at the Adolescent and Youth Friendly Space in COMINSUD head office on Tuesday 5th April 2022, under the Coordination of Munda Terence the Supervisory of UNICEF projects at COMINSUD.

Position: Finance Manager

Position: Finance Manager

Location: Bamenda

Job Type: Full-time position

Duration: 1 year renewable

Years of experience: At least 5 years in a similar position


COMINSUD is a development organization that works to empower communities toward achieving their development objectives with a vision of a responsive society where the principle and standards of good governance are respected and upheld. COMINSUD seeks to reflect in its activities the ethical values of transparency, accessibility, and selfless service for the improvement of the livelihood of all people. COMINSUD observe neutrality, impartiality and the right to humanitarian assistance with claims on full and unhindered freedom in the exercise of its functions.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Implementing circuits and workflows (management of cash boxes, transfers, advances, purchase procedures, payment validations, follow up of regular payments, bank reconciliations) in order to anticipate expenses at project level and to optimize cash needs and its security.
  • Implementing and supervising transactional procedures and systems in order to ensure transparent accounting practices and full traceability (invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc.), according to COMINSUD guidelines and rules, and using the respective software in place.
  • Ensuring the timely execution and control of the monthly and yearly accountancy closure, with due quality.
  • In close collaboration with the Coordinator and the Head of programs, defining, analyzing and following-up project budgets, in order to ensure that funds are used according to funding contracts and proposing corrective action if needed.
  • Ensuring financial reporting of Projects and of the organization as a whole, monthly closure, Internal control, Audit, etc.)
  • In close collaboration with the Administrator, ensure that all service contracts in projects and the organization (premise and vehicle rental contracts, deposits, rent payments, etc.) are prepared and paid according to policies and procedures. Ensuring that COMINSUD staff who have financial responsibilities are aware of and comply with local finance procedures, including those related to security.


  • University degree in Business Administration, Accounting, financial Management or related fields.
  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience preferably in an NGO environment.
  • English, Pidgin are required languages but a knowledge of French will be an additional advantage.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management software

Interested candidates should provide the following:

  • Hand written application
  • Curriculum Vitea highlighting details track record related to the above position, highest qualifications and 3 key references with one coming from your most recent employer. 
  • Applications should be sent by email to 
  • Or deposited in a sealed envelope at COMINSUD Office located at Ni John Fru Ndi Junction Natrinkon-Bamenda.

Applications open until 19th February 2022 at 16H 00

Only short listed candidate will be contacted: 


Training of IDPs and Vulnerable persons in the West & NW Regions

Training of Survivors of GBV and Vulnerable persons in some Communities hosting IDPs in the West and Northwest Regions affected by conflicts.
This was on Income Generating Activities ( IGA), a project of UNFPA- PBF implemented by COMINSUD.

They where acquire skills/ empowered on;
1) Small Livestock Production
2) Vegetable Cultivation
3) Pastry production/ Cookery
4) Basic Skills in Small Business Management.

After this empowerment, they will be given start-up/supportive capitals for setup.

Ngwa Theophile


State authorities, senators, quarter heads, the media and Over 40 Civil society members amplified their voices today Wednesday, Oct 27 2021 at Hilltop hotel on land tenure issues.

This meeting main objective was to present the survey and recommendation assembled by NWADO and her consultant to the participants.

Some discoveries in the research include the High percentage of more men owning land than women .and only 7 youths who obtained land through inheritance.

In the survey, it was also discovered that when it comes to acquiring land certificates there is no gender Bayas as it has always been believed. Everyone is treated equally.

Moreover to acquire land in Bamenda most people spend an average of 60,0000 to 700,000 thousand.

The meeting was indeed full of exchanges from the various stakeholders present .most of the preoccupation came from the question on the cost of a land certificate in the Northwest Region and the right procedure that landowners have to follow to acquire land. However, the Delegate present said their doors are open to everyone who needs to know the right procedure; he also advised everyone to avoid middlemen when trying to acquire land.

As the saying goes Rome was not built on a single day, much has to be done as far as land issues are concerned.

Let this meeting be one of the stepping stones for a change.


COMINSUD Celebrates World Rabies Day!

Good day all, as part of the celebrations of WORLD RABIES DAY every 28th of September, the 2020 celebrations under the theme: End Rabies: Vaccinate, Eliminate, there will be mass vaccination campaign on *Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2020& at the Regional Veterinary Clinic, custom junction upstation and opposite Fokou in Mike 3 Nkwen*. Begins at 7:30am upto 3:30pm.
Let’s make use of this opportunity and get our animals vaccinated against the deadly Rabies disease.


The North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have since 2016 face an armed conflict. The crisis has been characterized by school shut downs, wanton killings with many children caught between rape and forced marriages amongst other vices. This has necessitated humanitarian actions to protect girls who have faced significant forms of violence and are still highly at risk to see more violation of their rights if increased measures are not taken.

Statistics from UNICEF (Nov. 2019) indicate that more than 855,000 children remain out of school in the North West and South West Regions, ReliefWeb (April. 2020) reported over 14 children killed. COMINSUD field reports from April to September 2020 indicate that 38 girls have been victims of rape, 69 others suffered sexual assault, 74 succumbed to physical assault, 61girls have been forced into early marriages, 90 girls have been denied resources and services while 98 girls have gone through psychological/Emotional violence. The numbers are from 10 of 34 council areas in the North West Region.

COMINSUD on October 11th 2020 joins in the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child under the theme: “My Voice, our Equal Future,” with activities in 15 localities across Mezam, Menchum and Momo Divisions of the North West Region. We reached out to over 1,000 girls aged 9 – 17. With a series of activities and drills, we shared ideas that will enable them in voicing their rights to life, health, education and protection as well as envisioning a better future.  

Some girls expressed joy with the new window of opportunity they have to go back to school after staying home for over 4 years. They regret some of their peers who are deprived from accessing education due insecurity, lack of means, unplanned pregnancies, forced marriages and even deaths.

COMINSUD working extensively in the domains of inclusion, fight against Gender Based Violence and child protection is very concerned with the rights of the girl child to return to safe schools.  The International Day of the Girl Child as a platform  for us to amplify the voices of voiceless girls across the North West Region in their quest for the right to education and an equal future.   

These activities were realized thanks to the partnerships with UNFPA, UNICEF, Bread for the World – Germany and the Cities of Gorinchem/Dordrecht – Netherlands.

Contact: or   (+237) 677666486 

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WFP shortlists COMINSUD to distribute food assistance in North West Cameroon

The World Food Programme (WFP) has identified COMINSUD as one of the organizations it could work with in the provision of emergency food assistances to the crisis hit North West Region of Cameroon. This was the essence of a visit by Hans Vlkoler, Emergency Coordinator WFP, Cameroon office, to the COMINSUD Bamenda headquarters on Friday April 12, 2019.

Hans Vlkoler said for the short term WFP activities in the Region would focus on setting up emergency response systems with potential partners. This done, targeted food assistance shall be made available to include school feeding, supplementary food and livelihood assistance. He disclosed that a central warehouse shall be set up in the North West Regional capital of Bamenda from where the items shall be dispatched.

For his part, COMINSUD’s coordinator Fon Nsoh assured that banking on its twenty two years of local community activities, the organization was ready for the challenge. COMINSUD he said was already collaborating with other UN structures such as the UNFPA in providing Mama and Dignity kids to Internally Displaced Persons of the Anglophone crisis. COMINSUD also worked with SNV to promote the Right to Food movement in Cameroon.

A partnership agreement between WFP and COMINSUD is expected to be signed in the days ahead detail the practical modalities of this partnership.

A few days earlier a delegation from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontiers) working in the North West Region of Cameroon paid a courtesy visit COMINSUD. The team of three made up of Monica Fernadez, Deep W. B and Tataw Stephen came to seek pathways for collaboration with COMINSUD in helping people affected by the crisis in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon in general and the North West Region in particular.

Doctors Without Borders and COMINSUD partnering for humanity

A delegation from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontiers) working in the North West Region of Cameroon paid a courtesy visit to the Bamenda head office of COMINSUD on Wednesday 11, April 2019 to this effect. The team of three made up of Monica Fernadez, Deep W. B and Tataw Stephen came to seek pathways for collaboration with COMINSUD in helping people affected by the crisis in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon in general and the North West Region in particular.

MSF has been in the Region since the end of 2018 offering emergency health assistance to victims of the crisis following a near collapse of the health sector in all seven Divisions of the North West Region. According to the MSF staff their choice of COMINSUD was based on their track record in offering humanitarian assistance to the needy even during normal times.
COMINSUD’s coordinator, Fon Nsoh presented a succinct overview of the activities of the organization since it was founded in 1996 and expressed satisfaction for the interest shown by MSF in its activities.

Following discussions that followed both organizations agreed to forester cooperation in areas including emergency medical assistance, fight against Gender Based Violence especially sexual abuse, mental health, providing Psychological First Aid (PFA) to persons in distress and education on health promotion.

Working with volunteers: Transforming people in distress to pools of knowledge

For the past years, Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINUSUD) in its quest to promote community engagement, development and accountability has been building a strong network of community volunteers in the North West Region. Little did it even foresee that this network of volunteers may subsequently serve in a situation of crisis?

But it has come to pass with the outbreak of the now Anglophone crisis in November 2016. From a socio-political crisis it metamorphosed into a deadly armed conflict. This has resulted to thousands of displaced persons either moving out of their usual habitat, out of the Region and some to neighbouring countries especially Nigeria.

To adapt to this new dispensation, COMINSUD developed a project titled “TRANSFORMING PEOPLE IN DISTRESS TO POOLS OF KNOWLEDGE”.


  • To have a network of community volunteers to contribute in Community Engagement and accountability
  • Contribute to transforming those in distress to pools of knowledge.


We now have a network of 50 trained volunteers (5 of them who are now permanent) from all 7 Divisions of the North West Region. 21 of this community based volunteers are internally displaced persons who were empowered during a workshop and later integrated into the transforming people in distress to pools of knowledge project.


Most of these volunteers have taken part in the following trainings aimed at re-enforcing their knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable then to be veritable community agents of change especially in a crisis situation.

  • Volunteering training organized by COMINSUD in August 2018 to enlighten the volunteers on what volunteering is and is not, the advantages of volunteering etc.
  • Workshop on Project Proposal Writing held at COMINSUD conference hall and organized by COMINSUD from the 8 – 10 August, 2018. This workshop was aimed giving more understanding to the volunteers on the various steps and aspects in project proposal writing.
  • Workshop on the provision of Psychological First Aid to Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs in North West Region, notably women, girls and boys on the 17 October 2018 at COMINSUD in Bamenda.
  • Workshop on Social Inclusion, Humanitarian Action and Peace Work in the Context of Conflict organized by COMINSUD and funded by UNFPA


  • Having a network of volunteers covering all the 7 Division of the North West Region has greatly increased our access to certain inaccessible communities.
  • Through the TRANSFORMING PEOPLE IN DISTRESS TO POOLS OF KNOWLEDGE initiative, we have been able to empower at least 21 IDPs giving them hope.


  • Community development is valuable to the targeted communities when Community Engagement and Accountability is promoted.
  • Internally Displaced Persons shouldn’t be only seen as needy people but persons with pools of knowledge that can be transformed into agents of change.


  • The difficult and insecure working environments across the region.
  • Most of the transformed IDPs cannot give the optimal best due to lack or insufficient financial means.

In spite of the challenges COMINSUD is striving to ensure that community engagement and accountability should be promoted through the engagement of Community Volunteers and members of the concerned communities.

Nfon Peter

Volunteer and Youth Coordinator