Within the framework of the project o“Strengthening Access to WASH Facilities and Services in Child Friendly Spaces and surrounding Communities”, COMINSUD with the support of UNICEF has trained and deployed 6 Community Mobilizers in the North West and West Region.

Training in session with facilitator Munda Terence.

The project to run for four months is expected to sensitize 4,260 persons (IDPs and host community) on good hygiene and sanitation practices, including lifesaving messages on COVID-19 and cholera prevention.  To this effect, Community Mobilizers will ensure that 1,200 children at Child Friendly Spaces and surrounding Communities have access to adequate sanitation facilities thanks to the construction of 6 latrines each with 4 cabinets, distribution of menstrual hygiene kits to 60 adolescent girls and 600 WASH kits to households, 3000 persons(IDPs and host community) are sensitized on good hygiene and sanitation practices including lifesaving messages on COVID-19 by December 2022. The Community Mobilizers will as well identify child protection needs and ensure proper intervention and referrals to appropriate service points. 

Community Mobilizers and Facilitator Munda Terence pose for a group picture after session.

This training took place at the Adolescent and Youth Friendly Space in COMINSUD head office on Tuesday 5th April 2022, under the Coordination of Munda Terence the Supervisory of UNICEF projects at COMINSUD.

Training of IDPs and Vulnerable persons in the West & NW Regions

Training of Survivors of GBV and Vulnerable persons in some Communities hosting IDPs in the West and Northwest Regions affected by conflicts.
This was on Income Generating Activities ( IGA), a project of UNFPA- PBF implemented by COMINSUD.

They where acquire skills/ empowered on;
1) Small Livestock Production
2) Vegetable Cultivation
3) Pastry production/ Cookery
4) Basic Skills in Small Business Management.

After this empowerment, they will be given start-up/supportive capitals for setup.

Ngwa Theophile

COMINSUD and UNICEF Partner against child malnutrition

This is within the Emergency nutrition response project in Bali, Batibo and Mbengwi Health Districts in the North West Region.

To this effect, a training of 30 Community Health Workers on screening, referral and Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergency in COVID 19 context was organized at the COMINSUD head office in Bamenda on Saturday 9 October 2021

The purpose of the workshop was to empower them on screening, referral and sensitization so that they can implement the knowledge gained in their respective communities.

The project is sponsored by UNICEF and implemented by COMINSUD. The Project duration is 6 months.